We here at PORTAL DE CANTUÑA (Quito – Ecuador), our little beloved Eco-Friendly Hotel Boutique are very proud of our recent work promoting ecotourism and sustainable travel to protect our heritage and the rights of our Indigenous People and their environment.

After so many years of sacrifice and resources invested by our family, due to the impact of COVID 19 we are in a desperate fight to avoid cease operations, that’s why we are turning our clients and friends to invite them to be part of the recovery of our Hotel and environmental projects. Our little gem in the Historic UNESCO heritage Center of Quito wants to have you back.

We are certain that with your support we are going to come back stronger than ever, innovating and helping also our community overcome this massive challenge.

Would you please consider making a donation to help us continue our work and dreams. Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for being a part or our community, family and our story.